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Project Description
Custom SharePoint field that shows a DateTime using the SharePoint DatePicker and a field for minutes with 1 minute increments instead of the default 5 minute increments.

UPDATE: 2012-04-06
I no longer have access to an instance of Sharepoint that I can use to make updates or test fixes, so this project is essentially in a what-you-see-is-what-you-get status.

Based on SPTimeOnly by Thiwanka Manamendra.

As time permits I plan to enhance the in-line comments to provide a little more background on what's going on inside as an aid to other new-to-SharePoint developers.

This solution to this problem uses a built-in DateTimeField with DateOnly=true to handle getting and setting the date, and uses the Text fields from SPTimeOnly to handle the hours and minutes - I manually editted the FieldTemplate to achieve the 00-59 minute increments. This works, but strikes me as a kludge - I tried to achieve the results I wanted by inheriting from an SPDateTimeField, but couldn't manage to figure it out in the time I had available. Any pointers to a better architecture would be greatly appreciated, but in the meantime it seemed like this was a problem that others had and my kludgy solution was better than no solution at all....

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